Q-Dir 6.3

Q-Dir replaces Windows Explorer with a 4-panel interface
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Windows Explorer can prove to be frustrating sometimes. It does not have tabs, and it cannot open multiple folders, which makes it inconvenient when it comes to copying or moving files.
Q-Dir aims to remedy these shortcomings by replacing it with an interface featuring four folder views by default. Moving a file from one folder to another is as easy as dragging it from a panel and dropping it into another.

Contrary to the default Windows Explorer, Q-Dir allows you to fine-tune every aspect of its interface. You can change the number of panels that it displays, the color of pretty much every element, and the way it should behave when doing various file operations. While there is an option for everything, basic settings are buried within advanced settings. This can bring some headaches when you just want to change a simple behavior.

One of the major features of Q-Dir is its ability to access remote folders from within the interface. Both network folders, and folders accessible through the FTP protocol are supported.

To sum it all up, Q-Dir is a convenient tool for copying and moving files between folders. Yet, its complicated settings might become a drawback for some users.

John Static
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  • Lightweight
  • Multi-folder views
  • Access remote locations


  • Complicated settings
  • The visual appearance could be improved
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